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Romanesque house

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Romanesque house - building, which was built in poreč in the XIII century. The house is located at the beginning of Decumanus street, near the square Marafor.

The Romanesque building was repeatedly rebuilt and reconstructed, and the last such changes the building has undergone, most likely, in the XVIII century when a second floor was added to the wooden balcony. In 1926 was another reconstruction, which culminated in the transformation of the building into an exhibition space.

Despite the fact that the house has hosted a variety of events, he retained the same spirit, inherent in the old residential buildings.

Features of Romanesque house is simple and honest, the interior without any interior partitions. Material for building served as the raw blocks of stone. The window of the main façade is typical of Romanesque bifora. Completes the construction of external staircase.

Until after the Second world war, the Romanesque building was part of the buildings destroyed in the bombings. Later, the government of poreč has decided not to repair them, so today the building is a separate object.