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Chapel of St. Lawrence located in the old cemetery of the town Baska Voda. It was built on the foundations of ancient buildings several residents of this village in 1750. It was the first public building erected in a late-Gothic style in the town Baska Voda. Citizen Yuri Jurisica Akciju should be grateful for the appearance in the temple in 1766 Baroque image of St. Lawrence. In the second half of the twentieth century took place the reconstruction of the Church of St. Lawrence. From 1976 to 1985 in the Church, updated the exterior and repaired the roof, paying special attention to the small structure, becausea the main facade and intended for the bell. At the same time there was installed and a new bell, the gift of the parish of our lady of Lourdes in Zagreb.

Chapel of St. Lawrence surrounded by tall trees that you can hardly see it. It is a small stone building without Windows, with a simple portal, which is well-worn track. The interior of the Church is modest and simple.

In General, at the local parish there is a chapel of St. Lawrence chapel, which is now not used for worship, and are a reminder of old times and admiration of many tourists on Makarska Riviera. In 1926, Biokovo was built the chapel of St. Nicholas, decorated with a stone statue in honor of the patron Saint of the temple. In another village called stag there is the chapel of the Purgatory souls and Church of the Immaculate Conception, built by the monks in 1857. In the last chapel contains a wooden statue of the virgin.