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Sipanska Luka is one of two settlements located on the island of Å¡ipan. Sipanska Luka is on the West side of the island. The village is the main island port and provides regular connections to Dubrovnik. The journey from the mainland to the island takes about an hour. The port in Luka Å¡ipanska Luka is very popular with sailors, as it has very easy and protected harbour.

Here is many monuments of medieval architecture: the remains of the Church of St. Peter from the 11th century on the Cape Velha municipality, the Church of St. John with frescoes of 11-15 centuries, the pre-Romanesque Church of St. Michael from the 11th century, the Church-Fort of the Holy spirit in 1569 - it was built as part of a Benedictine monastery.

In the 15th century, Sipan island was a popular holiday destination of Dubrovnik aristocracy, who built houses here, one of them, for example, is home for summer vacation family Sorkocevic. Then was built the Gothic Palace of the Duke a little above Sipanska Luka. In the town there is the Gothic Church of St. Stephen with frescoes. As proof that these places were inhabited in ancient times, were discovered here remains of Roman villas.

Now in Luka Å¡ipanska Luka is home to about two hundred and fifty people. Between the two island settlements have a bus service. The main occupation of the local population are fishing and tourism.

In Luka Å¡ipanska Luka is visited by tourists from Dubrovnik to swim in the clear water sheltered Bay, enjoy the air, saturated with the smell of thick pine forests, and a good rest from the stressful city life.