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The city loggia

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The city loggia was started to be built in 1311, but the present appearance it gained in the fifteenth century, during the Renaissance. Loggia performs several functions: a place of public Assembly, housing, court, etc.

Load-bearing structures (columns) were brought from the ancient ruins of one of the largest cities of Dalmatia. Above the entrance to the Lodge was located a few reliefs and sculptures as well as inscriptions in Latin on the theme of justice, equality and law. Above the building rises a tower with mounted clock and in front of the loggia is a small square, which was previously filled with people during social gatherings.

Also here is the work of Nicholas of Florence, including the image of blessed John in Trogir, holding the city in the palm, and St. Lawrence with weights in hand (an allegory of justice). The Central part of the facade of the loggia was once occupied by a winged lion symbolizes St. Mark, patron of Venice. On the South wall of the loggia shows a resident of Trogir - Peter Berislavic (image 1520), a Croat, hero of the Hungarian and Croatian folk songs, the opponent of Venetians and a fighter against the Turks. This relief is made by master Ivan Mestrovic.