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Zoo and aquarium Osijek

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Zoo and aquarium Osijek was established on 24 January 1955 by volunteers and the Supervisory Council of the city of Osijek. Currently in Osijek contains a large collection of animals.

The zoo in Osijek is the largest of the three Croatian zoos. It is located on the banks of the Drava in a secluded, quiet area. The zoo is removed from the city, filled with fresh air, surrounded by green trees, making it the perfect place for a comfortable life of many animals and is an ideal place of recreation for residents of Osijek and city guests.

The zoo staff create for animals the same conditions, living in a natural environment. Here there are the most different landscapes of grassy plains and trees, in the shade where animals can hide from the exhausting summer sun.

In 1966, the Osijek zoo was recognized as an independent institution, now it is in city ownership. Zoo area is about 11 Hectares. The animal collection includes about 650 animals of 100 different species. In the aquarium Osijek is home to over 20 species of marine animals and fish. In the zoo you can see ponies, zebras, lions, jaguars, tigers, llamas, bulls, etc.

According to statistics, during the year, the zoo and aquarium is visited by about one hundred thousand people.