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St Mark's Cathedral - one of the oldest buildings in the Old town of Korcula. The Cathedral was built in the XV century in Gothic style on the site of a small Church of the XIII century. The reason for the construction of the Cathedral was the creation of the diocese in the early fourteenth century and the sudden economic growth that triggered the development of construction and architecture.

The Cathedral was built by local craftsmen, experts in the art of masonry. The school these artists were well known far outside Korcula - in Dubrovnik and Venice. The construction of the Cathedral lasted for more than a century and involved in it were several generations of stone masons, carvers and builders. The most famous of these was Marco Andic, who completed the construction of the towers and domes of the Cathedral in 1481. Elegant stone canopy over the altar is also attributed to Angico. The façade of the Cathedral window-by rose, the main portal is framed by statues of Adam and eve and figures of lions.

Shortly after the completion of the Cathedral was constructed near the chapel of the Holy Rock. It was built at the expense of citizens as the vow of the inhabitants of korčula, in gratitude for deliverance from the plague, which so often ravaged the city at the time.