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The monument to Prince Branimir

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The monument to Prince Branimir installed in NIN, here is the residence of the Prince. Duke Branimir was famous for having received from John VIII the title of the Croatian Prince. In fact, Branimir was the first Prince of the independent state of Croatia, which is out of control of the Byzantine Empire and the Franks.

In 879 Prince Zdeslav prior to the Branimir, was killed by his supporters. The Holy Throne in the same year acknowledged that the introduction of Branimir to the throne is legitimate. The Pope blessed Branimir and appointed him Prince, and his residence was located in NIN.

Croats honor the memory of a Prince, which worked to strengthen the independence and power of Croatia. Monument in NIN - gratitude of the Croatian people to their deliverer. Despite the close cooperation with the Pope, Branimir managed to enter the parallel the use of the Slavic and Latin languages during the Liturgy. After the death of his throne was inherited by his third son Trpimir I.

Monument in Neenah is not the only sign of reverence Branimir, besides inscriptions with his name on the altars of the various churches of Croatia. Also one of the most significant state awards in Croatia bears the name of Prince Branimir.

The monument was erected on a stone pedestal in front of the gate of NIN, on the pedestal the inscription - the name Branimir.