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Titov cave

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If sent from the port of Komiza in Vis now not popular, virtually abandoned the South road, you can get to the village of Borovik. From there begins a paved road that will lead guests to the top of mount Hum (587 m). Rising almost to the top, you can see hidden in a thicket of grass a concrete road leading to the cave of Marshal Josip Broz Tito, the future leader of Yugoslavia.

Cave, formerly called Brass, was the location of the Supreme headquarters of the partisan army and the government of Tito in 1944. It consists of several underground rooms. She was equipped for the reception of Marshal after his previous residence - the same cave in Drvar - have been declassified. In January 1944, the Germans had a failed operation to capture Tito. The commander was transferred to Soviet pilots in the Italian city of Bari, where, at the insistence of the British allies, moved to the island of Vis.

After world war II, Titova cave has become a popular Museum. Came here from all over Croatia to see the headquarters of the legendary Marshal. Then, after 1991, the cave seemed to have forgotten. It can still be seen as part of tours to places of military glory on the island. Such excursions, including inspection of the various military installations during the second world war, are not cheap - about $ 70. Titov cave now looks abandoned, all of the most valuable historical artefacts from her for a long time taken. However, to see the sanctuary of Marshal Tito will still be interesting.