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Boulder is a small resort on the island of Cres, located in Valuska Gulf. Typical fishing village Boulder is 15 kilometers North of the administrative center of the island, between two beautiful pebbly beaches.

The famous cultural center of the Boulder was discovered here thanks to Valinskas the table. It is a tombstone Dating from the 11th century, which is inscribed on drevnerusskom and Latin Glagolitic font and Latin. Now this artifact embedded in the wall of the local parish Church of St. Mary. Found Valuska table was in the small St. Mark's Church in the village cemetery. This document is extremely important to explore the culture and history of this region. In the design of the terraces of the local taverns juna used copies of the inscriptions not only Valinskas tables, and other documents of Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner in Glagolitic.

In Boulder there is a small Museum, a dedication to hard work and endurance of the local population, the interweaving of peasant and fishing traditions of the labour, the constant fight with the sea and winds. In a small Bay you can see many fishing nets and boats.

This tiny town is car, cars must be parked beyond that, however, does not cause much inconvenience, since all the rock is in walking distance. This place is designed to enjoy slow walks, authentic atmosphere, clean air. In Boulder there is a place for camping for those who prefer to spend time with a large group of friends and in close contact with nature. Foodies should visit the local restaurants that serve expertly prepared seafood dishes according to traditional recipes.