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Istrian municipality

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Istrian municipality, is one of the oldest buildings, situated right in the centre of poreč, near the city Park and across the sea.

Its purpose the building retains today, with the only difference that earlier it was used for meetings of the Istrian Parliament, and now it is the seat of the District Parliament. However, once it was a Franciscan Church, the construction of which dates back to the XIII century.

The interior of the building is decorated in the Baroque style of the mid-eighteenth century. The ceiling moldings complete the luxurious frescoes, placed in a decorative medallions. In the courtyard of the Assembly hall was discovered a mosaic floor, dated to the early Christian era. He probably decorated the Church.

For the past hundreds of years in the hall of the sittings of the Parliament, but today in the building of the municipality are conducted and different musical, cultural, artistic and theatrical events. For example, Istria, the municipality is the venue for the art exhibition "the Annals".