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Krasic is a small village which is located on the southwest slope of Jumberca, a few kilometers from Azalia. Krasic is considered a wealthy and prosperous village. This charming medieval village with narrow streets, arches, lined with stone, as well as the friendly locals is very attractive for tourists. Also, Krasic known as a place of pilgrimage for Catholics, because in this village was born Aloysius Stepinac.

Stepinac became Archbishop of Zagreb during the Second world war. After the war in 1945, he was wrongfully accused Communists help the Nazis and sent under house arrest in Krasic. The last years of his life he spent here, in utter seclusion, cared for him two nuns. The villagers gave the Stepinac homemade sheep as food as a token of care and compassion, but the Archbishop did not score the animal.

The room in which he spent the remainder of the life of the Archbishop, were in the rectory close to the village Church. Currently, there is a Memorial Museum.

It is known that the Archbishop lived more than modestly. He slept on the bed without a mattress and only wore Church clothes, also in his room is preserved a Desk, which he read and worked. Already much older man, the Archbishop held mass in a small village Church. The Church was rebuilt in 1913, the architect involved in the reconstruction, obviously, was fond of art Nouveau. In the chapel of the preserved fragments of this medieval masonry.

The main square of the village is usually filled with tourists, there are several cafes, small travel company, where you can book a tour through the district of Gumeracha, and purchase Souvenirs.

In Krasice preserved Greco-Catholic Church, over the entrance to which is installed the image of the Mother of God and child with angels. The Central entrance is decorated with light marble and located in the recess under the stone ornament is decorated with arch.

A few kilometers from Krasica is Bishop's castle, the main buildings which are connected by a vaulted stone passageway. The castle was built among the trees in a secluded area near Krasica and its unusual architecture attracts many tourists.

The surrounding hills along the rivers of Kupa and Kopychincy suitable for Hiking and horseback riding, Biking, hunting. Also, there will be something to do to fans of mountaineering, swimming and fishing. To this has and the wonderful local climate.

In Krasic attracts lovers of Golf, the local fields and hills are ideal for this sport. Here the festival “Days of krasichkova region”, which attracts not only Croats, but also travelers from around the world.