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Napoleonic fortress

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Hvar island, planted with fragrant lavender, for its picturesqueness and beauty can compete with many world resorts. The main town of the island is the eponymous resort that is famous because in its vicinity you can find two FORTS.

Most tourists climb to the Spanish fortress overlooking the great views of the island and town of Hvar, located at the bottom of the hill. And only a few travelers dare to go to the Eastern, more remote and high (228 m) hill of St. Nicholas, which rises a fortress built by the troops of the Emperor Napoleon called Napoleon's castle. Small number of tourists is surprising, because, being at the foot of the Napoleonic fortress, you can make it even more spectacular images than a Spanish castle.

To climb to the fortress of Napoleon on foot along the well-trodden path. On the road will have to spend about 20-30 minutes. On top of the hill and leads a fairly wide road designed for cars. If you take a car in a few minutes to get to the Napoleonic fortress, but the locals and those tourists who have already managed to go there, I assure you that walking up would be much more interesting.

The army of Napoleon occupied Hvar in the early nineteenth century. After losing a battle with the Russian army, the French decided to build on a hill outside the city fortification. They became the fortress that appeared here in 1811. To do this, the soldiers had to demolish the old temple. Nowadays the fortress is still in decent condition. It now houses the Observatory of Hvar.