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The parish Church of SV. Martin

Photos and description

The parish Church of SV. Martin is one of the architectural and religious attractions of Vrsar. The construction of the temple lasted for a long time between the date when the Foundation was laid (1804), and the consecration of the completed building by the Bishop of poreč by Trifan Pederzolli (1935) took more than a hundred years.

The construction of the Church continued even during the French occupation of Istria (1805-1813). In the course of construction was planned bell tower, however, this idea has been realized only in 1991.

The Church at its base has three naves, supported by four pillars. Next is the chancel two arches. Both are decorated with paintings on religious themes, made Antonio McKee in 1946. The first arch was a real personification of the lives of St. Fosca St. Martin, while the second largely decorated with various flowers and trees, sheep and angels. In the center of the second arch there is an image of Christ as the lamb of God, which confirms the corresponding inscription in Latin.

In the left nave of the Church. Martin is the marble baptismal font. The interior of the temple is also decorated with a statue of the virgin Mary of the XIV century.