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The Tower Of St. Mark

Photos and description

Tower of St. Mark stands on the North-West of the island of Ciovo, she was built here in the XV century. The Tower Of St. Mark has a rounded shape. At the site, located on the roof, had been set artillery. The tower was built to defend the canal which runs between the island and the mainland.

Nearby the Kamerlengo fortress was once one with the tower of St. Mark. The fortress was built in the early XV century by the Venetians. Within the fortress walls was located the Palace of one of the noble Venetians.

Nearby, on the promenade, between the tower and the fortress is built in the classical style pavilion. It has a circular shape and the colonnade. The pavilion was built here in 1809, in honor of Marshal Marmont during the French rule. This pavilion is one of the few monuments of the French vladychestva in Dalmatia.

From the tower of St. Mark, and also located close to buildings have spectacular views of the Marina and the city. On the roof of the tower is now a cozy cafe, to get in which can, climbing the narrow stairs leading to the massive wooden doors. To reach the tower on foot or by boat.