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The city walls of poreč represent built in the XII-XVI centuries the system of fortifications which surrounded the city until the seventeenth century. Subsequently, the city has grown, and part of the fortifications was destroyed.

Today we can see the few survivors in this tower defensive complex. The most significant of the surviving tower are Pentagonal, Circular, and Semicircular.

The pentagonal tower was built in 1447. It is the most ancient of the surviving towers. It is made in Gothic style and in the past (before the invasion of the French in the early 19th century) was connected with the city gates leading to the centre of poreč street, Decumanus. This street was a classic Roman street, and led from the East to the West. On the facade of the Pentagonal tower shows the Venetian lion.

The round tower porechskoe the city's fortifications was built in 1473. It is open for inspection, as is well-preserved. A semicircular tower built in 1475. Together with a Round tower located near the people's square of poreč.