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The Fortress Of Sisak

Photos and description

The Sisak fortress was built in the 16th century as a fortification in the fight against the Turks.

High walls closed into a triangle and reinforced by towers of cylindrical shape. A fortress surrounded by a moat and monumental buildings of the late Roman buildings. Currently the fortress is a Museum.

No less interesting area around this unique architectural monument. Picturesqueness of this place is enhanced by the types of the Sava river, on the banks of which stands the fortress. Around the several rural estates, where guests can relax and spend some unforgettable and informative hours. Wooden house whose roof was chosen by the storks to their nests, perfectly preserved. A settlement referred to as the “village of storks”.

Visitors to the fortress can observe a unique cultural event, “the Celtic night”, in which paintings come to life the glorious past of the fortress of Sisak. On floating down the rivers Sava and Coupe rafts played the costumed scenes that play took place here once battles.