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Museum of ecclesiastical art in the Church SV. Barbara

Photos and description

Museum of Church art is located in the Church of Saint Barbara in Sibenik. The Church itself is located on the way to the main square of the city.

The Church was originally erected in honor of Saints Benedict and Nicholas, because it belonged to the Benedictine Abbey of St. Nicholas, located nearby (on the site of the present fortress of St. Anne). Later the Church was pereosvyaschena in honor of St. Barbara.

The Museum displays valuable paintings, painting, sculpture, wood carving, artware. All exhibits in the Museum date back to the 14-18 centuries. They belong to different styles: from the Romanesque to the Baroque.

Among the other exhibits are worth to be highlighted triptych depicting St. Barbara, St. Nicholas and St. George. This work dates back to the 16th century and belongs to the wizard Blaise. Also shown here is the famous polyptych of the master George of Trogir. The first of them dates from the 15th century and depicts the Madonna enthroned with the child in his hands, the second - the virgin Mary surrounded by saints (15th century). Data polyptych was once installed in the main altar of the Church of St. George.

In a separate room houses the most valuable exhibit - Evangelistary from the 11th century. Also here are sculptures of saints Peter and Paul, created during the Renaissance. The sculpture of St. James set in the Northern portal of the Church, created by Juraj of Dalmatia. This sculpture is considered one of the most impressive and striking works of this master.

There are also jewelry created by the master Fortezza Horace, who lived and worked in Sibenik in the 16th century. His work is distinguished by the utmost thoroughness, richness and variety of motifs and figures. The Church of St. Barbara is still in force and place of service.