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Fort St. George

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Fort St. George is a fortress located on the hill of Monte-Pool. This is one of 26 fortresses built in this area, the Austro-Hungarians to protect the area from invasions from the sea in the XIX-XX centuries. The pool in those days was the main port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. According to military terminology, which is commonly used to characterize such long-term fortifications in the nineteenth century, Fort St. George is the main naval base of the Austrian fleet in the region.

Fort St. George is located near the city cemetery of the city of Pula. Beside the fortress there remained eight artillery positions, trenches, underground tunnels and other interesting from the point of view of military history.

Like most Austro-Hungarian fortresses, located near the Pools, this fortress has a circular shape. The base diameter is equal to 35 meters. The fortress is built of stone blocks, has a round yard and a tank in the middle. In the walls of the fortress done by Windows for running fire of guns and cannons.

From all sides the fortress is surrounded by trees, which provides additional protection. From the fortress opens a magnificent view of the surroundings.