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Simple Gothic Church with a gable roof was built in 1402. The same period coincides with a written document, which first occurs mention of the city of Vodice. The appearance of the Church of the Holy cross looks more like some kind of a small chapel than a full Church. It was consecrated in honor of St. cross in 1421 when the Church became a parish Church. Raising the status of the Church is directly related to the development of the city Vodice.

In the XV century it was surrounded by a cemetery. It was current for several centuries. Buried there, the local priest, teacher, fellow patriots in opposition to the annexation of Dalmatia Northern Croatia Josip of Markiza, who died in the second half of the XIX century.

The Church, built in the Gothic manner, is a typical example of rural religious architecture in Croatia. Over a simple, modest portal you can see the beautiful small Baroque window-outlet. The main facade continues the mini-bell tower, which houses one bell. The facades have few Windows, which serve as a source of natural lighting of the interior of the Church of the Holy cross. The temple is a path, paved with large stones, between which the grass grows.

A feature of the interior of this Church is the Romanesque-Gothic baptistery, mounted on poles, which is considered the only one of its kind in the region of Sibenik and Dalmatia. In summer the Church is used for various exhibitions. Basically, it shows modern art. Entrance to these exhibitions is free.