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St. Michael's Church in the historic center of the city. St. Michael's Church for a long time reconstructed. Was carried out serious work on the restoration of its exterior and interior decoration. The main objective was not to harm the frescoes, which were discovered inside the Church. The frescoes date from the 15th century. Currently, the Church is fully restored and the faithful gather each day for prayer and the Eucharist.

The first mention of the Church dates back to 1150. The facade of the Church is decorated by Gothic relief, created in the 14th century: the Archangel Michael pierces with his spear the demon. Both sides of SV. Michael depicts the patron saints of Zadar - Holy Chrisogon and Saint Anastasia. Just above you can see three of the male head is the remains of Roman tombstones, which were used in the construction of the temple.

Inside the Church is an ancient crucifix, Dating from the 13th century. Also the monastery houses a small collection of works of art, that I take care of the local monks. Now in a monastery at the Church of St. Michael lives and works of five monks.