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Church. Grisogono

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Church of St. Grisogone quadrangular Basilica with semicircular apse in the Romanesque style. It is named after St. Grisogono - Martyr, patron Saint of Zadar. Near the Church are the remains of a medieval Benedictine monastery that was completely rebuilt in the 19th century.

The Church and Abbey was built on the site of ancient market square. According to legend, in the same place was a Church and monastery of St. Anthony. In 1175 the Church was consecrated the first Archbishop of Zadar. Probably the temple was being built by the same masters that created the Cathedral of Zadar. Especially beautiful in the Eastern wall of the Church there is a graceful colonnade.

The center of the interior is the altar made in Baroque style, surrounded by marble statues of the patron saints of Zadar. The altar was built in 1701, and a statue erected in 1717. Sculpture of St. Simon, St. Anastasia, St. Zoila and St. Grisogono work by the Venetian sculptor Alvise Tagliapietra was established in gratitude of the citizens of Zadar for deliverance from the plague in 1632. In the Central part of the main apse there are fragments of Roman / Byzantine frescoes.

The bell tower began in 1485 and 1546 it was never completed.

The Church is a very popular monument among the residents and among tourists. The city cares about this unique monument and is constantly conducting the restoration work, the latest of which was conducted in 2003-2004.