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Trogir town Museum

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Trogir town Museum is housed in several palaces, built in the XVIII century the family of noble Venetians Garagnin. Later descendants of this family connected with respected in Croatia, representatives of the family Fanfogna. Descendants Garagnin and Fanfogna elected to important military posts in the Venetian and Croatian armies. Since the reunification of these families, the Palace began to wear double name Garagnin-Fanfogna.

The Museum is a significant part of the exhibition devoted to the history of these two genera. Garagnani was particularly famous in the XVIII century, Ivan Luke Garagnin was Archbishop. No less famous and his nephews Ivan, who was a renowned scholar and agronomist, Dominique, a well - known francophile and the Governor from the French government.

The Museum is surrounded by gardens designed by the famous Venetian architect of the classical period, Gianantonio Silva, currently in the gardens grow beautiful and rare plants.

The Central Museum building was built in the XVIII century. Here is preserved a unique library, which gathered books from many fields of science. In addition, the Museum has departments of political, cultural and artistic subjects, there are exhibits from the time of occurrence of the city until the twentieth century.

There are also preserved important documents and agreements of a political nature and valuable illustrations, telling the history of Trogir. In the courtyard of the Museum, in a former farm building contains works by contemporary artists. On the ground floor of the same building are the archaeological finds of Greco-Roman and late antique periods. Also here is a lapidary, which exhibits narrate about the history of Trogir quarries. Among the many sculptures here are exhibited works of the masters of the Renaissance Nicholas of Parantica and Ivan city.