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Ledenice - a small settlement located near the town of Novi Vinodolski. It is unknown when it was built Ledenice, but some historians guess that there were Illyrian and Roman military station. Confirmation of this can be seen even in the unique position of Ledenice - the settlement is located among the fertile fields, near the source of drinking water, close to the sea and the port.

Ledenice boasts many archaeological finds discovered here at different times. For example, in 1961 there were found Roman coins and amphorae. This is not surprising, since during the reign of the Roman Republic Ledenice was also a part of it. For Ledenice located road built by the Romans, who took the start at the river Tarsatica. The remains of this road are still preserved and called "the Roman road".

In the XIII century the settlement Ledenice belonged to the ancient Principality Vinodol, that is certain, because Ledenice mentioned in the law from 1288 (the oldest legal code of this part of Europe). Then Ledenice and was considered to be a separate municipality.

Ledenice managed to survive in the XV and XVI centuries, when in this place the coast of port Krin had strategic importance for Croatia and their main enemies, the Turks.

Most of the buildings Ledenice located on uneven terrain. For example, the remains of the ancient fortress located on a rocky hill, which overlooks the sea. Once this place was surrounded by massive walls with numerous passages and corner towers. The oldest and most strong part of the fortress consisted of a powerful square towers, built of good hewn stones, bonded with a special solution.

Also on the territory of Ledenice preserved the Church, consecrated in 1715 in honor of the blessed virgin Mary. The Church has architectural value because it is a monument of Baroque art.

In addition to architectural structures, tourists often visit the source of drinking water of Good, located near Ledenice. The place where is situated the settlement, recalled an oasis: quiet, clean air, fertile land, above which rise the old buildings. That is why Ledenice attracts large number of tourists.