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Maximise Park and Botanical garden

Photos and description

Maximise Park is a picturesque green area in the city, its area is 18 hectares. This Park is recognized as the largest city Park, often referred to as "Zagreb's Living monument". In the Park you can see numerous flower beds, paths, lakes and forests. Zagreb zoo is also located within the Park.

Founder Maksimirska Park is Bishop Maximilian Vrhovac, the name of the Park was given in his honor. The founding date of Maksimirska Park is 1794. The Park project was designed by the English landscape designer brown.

In the Park there are many monuments and historical buildings of Zagreb, constructed in various styles. Examples include pavilions "Echo" and "Bellevue", built in 1843, the Belvedere, the doorman hut and the Swiss house. Also in the Park you can see many sculptures.

The Zagreb Botanical garden began as a site for Botanical research of one of the faculties of the University of Zagreb. Founded the garden, a botanist by the name of Heinz. The total garden area is approximately 50 thousand sq. m. the property has two ponds with lots of aquatic plants. Only in the Botanical garden there are about 1000 different species of plants from around the world and numerous trees. Architectural ornament of the Botanical garden is an elegant bridge.