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Museum of icons

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Museum of icons is located on the Peninsula of Korcula, it has become one of the most visited tourist sites of the city. The Museum attracts pilgrims, those wishing to look at images of saints, and travelers interested in religious art.

The Museum presents a permanent exhibition of icons Dating from different eras. Here are the icons of the Fraternity of all saints, triptych of the Passion, Dating from the 15th century and a unique collection of icons from the 13th century, the ceremonial of the Byzantine icons of the 17th and 18th centuries. The Byzantine school of the icons is different in that the painting is as wood and gold.

Collection of icons of 17th-18th centuries have been collected by local sailors, often heading in the direction of Crete for the purpose of trafficking.

Apart from the Cretan-Venetian school is represented by icon Ionian and Russian schools, as well as icons that were created in the icon-painting workshops Greece and Kotor Bay.

The collection was created over a long period of time. Basically the icons are purchased, in rare cases, were given. A significant portion of the collection consists of icons that once belonged to Dr. Ivo Tartaglia.

The Museum presents both the original icons and their photocopies in various sizes.