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Old city hall of Zagreb

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Old city hall of Zagreb is located in the historic area called Gradec. It is a complex of three buildings, United in the late 19th century for the needs of the city administration. Today it is the headquarters of the Assembly of Zagreb and held all its sessions.

In 1439 there was a City Council house of Gradec, and in 1614 the judge Jacob Gasparini rebuilt it under the town hall. According to historical sources, in 1787, in the town hall building had 8 rooms, kitchen, three prison cells, two stores and basement. In 1803 the Earl of Adam Orsic bought the house next door, located at the intersection of Cosewic and Saints Cyril and Methodius, for the expansion of town hall. Merchant kristofor stanković in 1832 won the lottery in Vienna the Grand prize and decided to invest the money in the construction of the theatre and the city administration. City officials added a second floor to a one-story building Orsica and purchased two plots on the street, Freudenreich. August 12, 1833, was begun the construction of the theater Stankovic. The first floor of this building is still the meeting place of the city Assembly. In this building in 1847 the Croatian language was officially recognized as the state language, and in 1848 there was held the first meeting of the Croatian Parliament. In 1897 the theatre was adapted for the needs of the city administration.

In the years of 1910-1911 constructed two-storey extension on Kucevicius the street. In the 1930-ies was updated courtyard, and in 1941, the loft space was converted into offices.

In 1958 a new building was constructed by the city administration and old town hall moved to the city Council. In 1968 and 1975 was carried out the full restoration of the town hall. In 1993, the town hall moved the Expert service of the city Council.

In February 2003, the Croatian Ministry of culture has made the building of the old town hall in the list of protected cultural objects.