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The city's main gates

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The city's main gates in Vrsar previously was a part of the city walls. Gates are in the Eastern part of the city near the Church of St. Fosca.

In the past they were used as the main entrance to the town of Vrsar. At that time the life went on outside the city walls, which gave the city protection from threats, both potential and real. Outside the city walls until the 19th century was only a few freestanding buildings and one Church.

The main city gate of Vrsar, was built in the XIII century in the form of semicircular arches. The style, which made the gates, is in Romanesque style. The door material was Istrian oak, and upholstered they forged metal. Above the arch you can see the symbol of the Venetian Republic: a shield depicting a lion with wings and lowered tail, holding a Bible. The fact that the Bible is closed, says the militant attitude (the opposite is an open book, symbolizing a peaceful attitude).

The style, which made the lion, is reminiscent of Venetian lions XIV-XVI centuries. In this regard, it is difficult to say exactly when a symbol appeared on the gate of Vrsar.

Within the Vrsar is located near the gates of the school, which was built in the nineteenth century.