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The Bell Tower Of SV. Yusta

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The pride and symbol of the Old town of Labin is, of course, the bell tower and St. Justus, the Martyr of Trieste, who died during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian, that is, in the year 303 ad, he was thrown into the water from a cliff, but the sea returned his body. The remains of St. Justa, who is the patron Saint of Labin, preserved and, according to urban legend, buried on the site of the present belfry. Also particles of his relics can be seen in the parish Church of the Nativity.

Bell tower of St. yusta height of 35 meters is the tallest building in the city. It is located near the fortress and offers a great view of the sprawling Old city, učka mountain and the seaside village Rabac. The bell tower was built in 1623, on the Foundation of the former Church of St. Justus, which was probably built in the late VI century, and during the migration of peoples in the seventh century was destroyed and burnt. It was rebuilt in the X century, but our time is unfortunately not preserved.

At the top of the tower are two bells, big and small. The bell is quite old: they were purchased by the city authorities, more than 200 years ago. You can see them through the narrow double Windows in the facades of the tower. During big holidays over the city posted their ring. Square platform above the bells is decorated at the corners by a high vertical stone spikes. The Playground includes an octagonal drum crowned with a pyramidal elongated dome with a cross.

Near the belfry there is a comfortable observation deck.