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The mausoleum of the family Račić

Photos and description

The mausoleum of the family Račić is located in the cemetery of St. Rock in Cavtat. The mausoleum was built in 1921 on the Foundation of the chapel of the Holy Rock Dating back to the XV century.

The mausoleum was built by sculptor Ivan Meštrović project Maria Račić. The building is constructed of white stone and has a dome shape. In the Central building there are no items made of wood or any other material, dome and doors are cast in bronze.

At the entrance to the mausoleum there are two caryatids, the body decorated with stone reliefs of angels. On the floor show the history of the Scriptures, which represent the four figures of the evangelists. The bell was cast according to the drawings Meštrović, it bears the inscription: “Knowing the mystery of love, you will solve the mystery of death and believe in eternal life.” On the roof of the mausoleum located the figure of the angel, cast in bronze.

The mausoleum is poetically compared with a brooding white Swan, which floats on the sea, Cavtat sun, its paths, planted with pines and cypresses, and reflects on eternity.