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Turanj is a small tourist village in Dalmatia, located between Zadar and Biograd, which is only five kilometers to the North-West. Population is about 1200 inhabitants.

In the summer Turanj is a Mecca for lovers bask on the beach. But it is also near the village is home to several parks of national significance, Kornati, Vransko lake, and also such as nature parks Telascica and Krka.

If we talk about the history of the place, the settlement existed here in the bronze age, the first archaeological findings belong to the stone age. Turanj was named after the ruins of a medieval fortress that was discovered in the vicinity of the modern village.

In the centre of the village is the Church of our lady of Carmel. Since the XV century, every year on 16 July there is temple festival, so during the tourist season there are special events to participate in which can be anyone. In addition, this village has a few churches that will be interesting as the attractions.

The accommodation here is in hotels and numerous apartments at any level.