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Turkish house

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Turkish house is located at the intersection of Verdi and after Lisinsky in Rijeka, the house was built in the era of power of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The house is built in Moorish style with distinctive arches over Windows, doors, balconies and Windows located under the roof.

It should be noted that the Moorish style is characterized by the reinterpretation and imitation architectural techniques of Portuguese, Islamic and medieval Spanish architecture.

The house is decorated with ornaments of geometric and floral patterns, Arabic script and numbers. The Arabic script is one of the most interesting elements in the decoration of the building. She performed in different versions, surrounded by floral prints and patterns on the shoes in the form of cupolas, located under the Windows, doors and under the roof.

The house was built at the behest of Nicholas Nuclides (1855-1933 yy) - trade representative, former Ambassador of the Ottoman Empire, and then, in 1898, became Consul in Rijeka.

Many researchers who have been studying the architectural features of the building, agree that decorative arches and of itself the building is a unique monument of architecture and an inexhaustible resource for the study of cultural studies and historians of art.