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Church. Ambrosia

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The Church of St. Ambrose was built in the XIII century. Church with a magnificent nave has absorbed the features of various architectural styles. Predominantly Romanesque and Gothic styles. The temple is located near the main gate of NIN.

This Church was once built on the site of the Benedictine monastery of St. Ambrose. The first mention of this monastery dates back to the year 941. During its existence, the Church many times reconstructed. The last reconstruction took place in 1992.

Features of Romanesque style have been preserved in the simplicity of the main portal of the temple, over kotoripiyopiyo a hole in the shape of a cross, and above this is a narrow Romanesque window. The nave of the Church closes the roof with the arch, made of limestone, and reinforced with additional supports. The base of the arch suggests that the earlier Church of St Ambrose had a semicircular apse. Today, the apse of the Church has a rectangular shape (5 x 4 meters), which was built much later.

Current forms of the Church of St. Ambrose got in 1992. Currently, the Church hosts concerts and other cultural events.