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The Church of St. Jerome is located on Republic square in Rijeka. The facade of the Church is made in Baroque style. The construction of the Church and monastery of St. Jerome began in 1315 the Earl Devin the Theft II. It was fully completed by his grandson Theft VI in 1408.

When in 1465 the city of Rijeka came into the possession of Emperor Friedrich III, the monastery was allowed to keep their privileges and land. From the XIII to the XVIII centuries the Augustinian monks were the richest landowners in the area.

The Church of St. Jerome at the time of its existence several times fully updated. One of the reconstructions was carried out after the earthquake in 1750. Later in 1768, the building was extended and the interior redesigned in the Baroque style. Above the main altar was the work of the famous master Antonio Michelazzi, and the side altars were done by the bricklayer Capovilla. From the Gothic style remained only the buttresses and characteristic form of an arch, facing South temple.

The oldest part of the Church is the room that houses the family vaults of the count's family and a few graves of the famous riekki captains. It is known that Emperor Joseph II had forbidden to bury the representatives of the aristocracy in the churches, so the graves were moved to one of the halls of the monastery.