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Church. Sebastian

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Church. Sebastian's is a small Church in the city of Dubrovnik. According to historians, it was built in medieval times to serve the residents protection from the plague. The temple is located in the old part of the city near the Dominican monastery, at the gate of ploče.

Church. Sebastian is the first architectural structure of Dubrovnik in the style of the Renaissance. The semicircular apse of the Church is characteristic of Renaissance architecture.

The construction of the Church took place under the guidance of masters, Vlatko and of Its Maocha of Radisich and was completed in 1466. In the next few years on other parts of the temple and of architectural ornaments worked by local craftsmen. The Church is crowned by a graceful triple bell tower, typical of many churches of Dalmatia.

In the 15th century the Church was the Guild of gunners, and in 1808, during the French occupation, the Church. Sebastian was a prison. Today in the Church is a gallery "Sebastian", which organizes various cultural events and exhibitions.

Under the Church are warehouse premises located in the same stone workshops.