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Gallery Klovicevi yard

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Gallery Klovicevi yard is located in the building of the Jesuit monastery, which was built in the first half of the 17th century to the twenties of the 18th century. Called Klovicevi yard in honor of the Croatian miniaturist of the Renaissance Julius Klovica. The exhibition area of the gallery is equal to 2630 square meters.

The official gallery opening took place on 15 March 1982 in a renovated building of the monastery. Originally there were going to place a collection of works from the Ante Mimara Museum. At the beginning of the gallery's existence there in a solo exhibition displayed the work of Albrecht dürer, Oton Gliha and Dusan Dzamonja, who had success and brought Klovicevi court fame.

8 Nov 2012 the gallery opened an exhibition of Julius Klovica, representing 30 works of the artist. It is the largest collection of his works in one place. The exhibits represent different periods of art of the miniaturist.

The gallery contains six collections: the memorial collection of Dr. Vinko Pepper; collection of works by painter, graphic artist and restorer of Josip Restek; a collection of works by Josip Cernobori; collection of donated works; the collection of Oscar Herman; collection Slavka kopacz.