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The Osor is a small village and port on the island of Cres. Located in Western Croatia, population of the village is only 60 people (census of 2011).

Osor lies at a narrow channel that separates Islands Cres and lošinj. The canal was built during the Roman Empire, to make possible the passage of vessels in this part of the Bay. Currently Islands connected by drawbridges.

Traces of the first settlements in the area date back to prehistoric times. During the Roman Empire, Osor was an important and major center of trade on the way to the ports of the Northern Adriatic. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Osor became part of the Byzantine Empire and was the seat of the diocese from the VI century.

In 840, the city was burned by the Saracens in the X century fell under German domination. In the XIV century the city passed under the rule of the Venetian Republic, and in the XIX century was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the First world war, the Osor moved to the Kingdom of Italy, and after world war II - to the Republic of Yugoslavia.

Currently, the Osor is a tourist oriented city in Croatia. Here is preserved the sculptures of Ivan Mestrovic and other famous personalities. Sculptures are located around the center of Osor. In the vicinity of Osor located several campsites.