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The parish Church of SV. Pelagia and the SV. Maxim

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The parish Church of St. Pelagius and St. was built in the 6th century, when they were created Episcopal diocese of Novigrad.

The Church was under reconstruction from 1745 to 1775 and rebuilt in the Baroque style. But in her attire you can also find traces of early Christian and Romanesque styles.

In 1828 Cathedral. Pelagia and the SV. Maxim was renamed the parish Church. Pelagia and the SV. Maxim. In those days near the Church was the house of the Bishop, which has not survived, and the old baptistery - it was demolished in 1782.

Under Church choirs you can see the unique Istrian crypt of the Romanesque period with graphic labels. These inscriptions are dated to 1146 year. There was found a Psalter from the 15th century, which remained on keeping the sacristy in the crypt. But for the most part found in the study of ancient stone artifacts, located in the crypt, had deposited in the Museum Lapidarium.

Near the Church rises to the sky tower, which was built in 1883. A sample of picked up the bell tower of St. Mark, which is located in Venice. At the top of the bell tower erected a wooden statue of St. Pelagia, who is considered the patron Saint of Novigrad. For safety, she was covered with a layer of bronze. The feast day of St. Pelagia is celebrated on August 28.