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Franciscan Church on Kaptol

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The Kaptol district in Zagreb is the place where a Catholic office building. Its main attraction is the Cathedral, whose two spire visible, perhaps, from every point of the Old Zagreb. Also here you can find a Franciscan monastery and Church of St. Francis of Assisi. The Franciscans appeared in Zagreb in the XIII century, when the first followers of St. Francis of Assisi went with religious speeches in European cities. According to urban legend, the house of a wealthy widow Katarina galovic kindly on the Kaptol stayed the founder of the Franciscan order - St. Francis of Assisi. To place a memorial structure now stands the chapel of St. Francis, which is part of the monastery complex.

Holy monastery on Kaptol was built in the same way as most other monasteries in Croatia. To the monastery Church was adjoined by three residential buildings that formed a courtyard square shape. Thus, the monastery was closed from the prying eyes of strangers. The Church of St. Francis occupies the Northern side of the monastery complex. In the upper part of the southern facade of the temple there is an open gallery.

The present Church was originally a Gothic single-nave Church, built after the Tatar invasion in the mid-thirteenth century. Its Baroque style Church got in the seventeenth century. We can say that in the monastery there was a completely new temple, because the previous one was badly damaged in a fire. A little later the monastery was also built a chapel dedicated again to the patron of the entire complex, that is, Francis of Assisi.

After the devastating earthquake of 1880 the Church was reconstructed in the Gothic revival manner by architect Hermann Bolle, a famous supporter of purity of architectural style. During the renovation, built a new Gothic tower on the site of the old, made in the Baroque style.