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The Church Of The Virgin Mary Nemetskoi

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The Church of the virgin Mary Nemetskoi located in the small village Remeta that is approximately 6 kilometers North from the centre of Zagreb.

The first evidence of churches in the area Remeta refer to 1288. After the Turkish invasion in the 16th century the Church was rebuilt, but the earthquake of 1880, the year it was destroyed, and in 1882 it was restored under the leadership of Hermann Bolle. Since 1963, managed by the Carmelites.

Remeta is located in the valley of the mountain Medvednica. There monks Paulina founded a monastery and built a Church. In 1790 monastic order was dissolved, but the Church of the virgin Mary Nemetskoi to this day remains a popular place of pilgrimage. The greatest flow of pilgrims directed to the Remeta 15 August and 8 September, in the days of the feasts of the assumption and of the Nativity of the virgin.

The Church is in the Gothic style, and the façade is in the Baroque style. In the main altar of the Church you can see the wooden statue of the virgin Mary, created in the 15th century. It is believed that the statue has a miraculous effect.

The Church of the virgin Mary Nemetskoi is also famous for the colorful Baroque frescoes on the ceiling. The researchers suggest that the author of the frescoes was John Ranger, a monk-artist from Lepoglava who traveled a lot. In many frescoes, you can see believers in traditional folk costumes of Northern Croatia, which honor the virgin Mary Nemetskoi because she helped with the hunger, floods and fires.

Near the Church is the pillar with the figure of Simeon the Stylite (Saint of the 5th century) that he spent in the Syrian desert for 26 years.