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The parish Church of St Agnes in Medulin is also called "the Church of virgins and Martyr." Saint Agnes was the first patron of the Church and parish. Day St. Agnes is celebrated on January 21. The temple was built on the hill formerly occupied by a cemetery and a small Church with a bell tower. Another patron of the parish - St. James. His day is celebrated on July 25. These are two of the patron Saint of the city: winter and summer.

The parish Church was consecrated in 1894 by Bishop of the cities of poreč and Pula John K. Flappum. Then the pastor was Andrew Bilik, a native of Medulin.

In form the Church is a Basilica with three naves and apse. The interior of the Church was decorated by local craftsmen-artisans, and now represents great artistic value. However, the villagers who remember the original appearance, were dissatisfied with the innovation. Of the old finish is preserved an altar with a statue of St. Agnes, chair and lamps (chokes). On the arch of the apse we can see the year built - 1893 year, and an inscription from the Bible: "Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men" (Rev. 21, 3).

The apse mosaic work of the artist from split, Josip Botteri Dini. Mosaic murals depict scenes from the Gospels. In the centre is a large painting of the crucified Jesus Christ. On the right we see other scenes from the Gospels: the Annunciation, the Birth of Jesus and the entrance to Jerusalem. Left: Jesus speaks the sermon on the mount in front of crowds of people. On the walls of the side aisles shows the way of the cross.

Parish Church of St. Agnes has two bell towers, which were built on the East side. The construction of them was completed before the First world war, about 1912. The bell tower was built of stone, and the dome is made of brick. The bell tower was 33 meters, the North tower is a little lower. The bell tower had three bells, of which the Austrians took during the war. Later we put the new, but two small bells once again selected. After the Second world war, they never returned. However, the largest bell has been preserved to our days. It weighs 1200 kg. Now the Church has four bells, the great bell is located on the South tower, and three smaller ones on the North.