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City Park Koprivnica

Photos and description

City Park Koprivnica is situated near the synagogue and the square Zrinski. The synagogue was built by the famous architect Slavko Catch in 1937. The Park was built much earlier in 1856. But work on the Park and its final formation was only completed in the late nineteenth century.

A big role in how the Park looks today, played the famous Koprivnica gardener Dragutin Ruhl. He was engaged in designing the Seating arrangement of trees and other plants in the Park. Initially, the Park had only a Central square decorated with trees and bushes, but later added to this artificial moats and ramparts, supplementing the idea of "forest oasis" in the center of the city.

In Northern Croatia the Park is considered one of the most beautiful, because we worked on it many talented gardeners, architects, sculptors and carpenters. Among them, Anthony Rogin, famous Croatian carpenter, who in 1896 created in the Park of beautiful wooden pavilion. Pavilion towers over the walkways and bushes of the Park, because set on large wooden columns, the roof and the railing is decorated with elaborate ornaments carved from wood. Nearby established work of the famous sculptor Joseph Fluxes called "Awakening".