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The house of the Canon

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The city, founded in the Roman era, is a treasure trove under the open sky, where you can see historic buildings from different time periods.

In the middle of the XIII century in poreč, began to appear luxurious secular buildings. Probably one of the first in the city the house was built for the local Canon. According to the inscription on the facade, the construction of a mansion in the Romanesque style took place in 1251. In this house still lives the parish priest of Porec. For the erection of two-storey buildings used stone blocks of regular shape. Its main attraction is the range of Latin bifor, there are double Windows separated by thin columns. Columns and capitals of these bifor Dating from the VI century. They were removed from the older building and moved to the front of the house Canon. Thus, these architectural elements have been preserved to our time.

Three stone small niches, built in the facade around the main portal, which was later carved date of completion of the mansion, was also taken from more ancient buildings. One of them we see a stylized image of a window frame which can also be taken for a Christian cross. Niches are distinguished by shape and material: they are made of smooth, well-cut stone of white color. The portal has an arched Romanesque form. Doors, adorned with two small Windows, made of wood.

Through the portal in the left part of the house of Canon, you can get into the corridor leading to the atrium of the Euphrasian Basilica. Visit the atrium of the Basilica and maybe if you buy a combined ticket.