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Castle Sućurac

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Fortress Sućurac is the oldest defensive castle built in 1392 by Archbishop Andrew Benji to protect from outside intruders of the peasants of the local village was a mess. Eventually, near the castle were built additional buildings, including the mansion of the Archbishop of Everaldo built here in 1488.

The castle was badly damaged during the bombing of the Anglo-American military planes in 1943. Information about the presence of Germans on the territory of the castle was about, but it did not protect the castle and its inhabitants from destruction. Later, the castle and surrounding buildings have been restored.

The Church of our lady, located on the grounds of the castle, preserved copies of the documents related to the history of the area Dating back to the year 852, and monuments of stone and wooden Baroque sculptures from the altar and a large number of religious objects of gold and silver (including jewelry). All this is available for viewing everyone.

On the Northern slope of the hill Kogak, near the castle, the remains of pre-Romanesque Church of St. George Potala, which was built in the 9th century. A new Church was erected here in 1927, at present it is also open to the public.