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The observation deck of the Old Labin

Photos and description

The observation deck of Labin is situated at the highest point of the area. Viewpoint it is interesting to visit when you completely inspect the city below, wander through its narrow streets which is very pleasant to get lost.

From the observation deck offers a magnificent overview of the vastness of the Istrian mountain Ucka, on the island of Cres and Kvarner Bay. The Bay looks from here more like a large lake, because in this part of the coast of the Adriatic sea is strongly indented and review close to high green mountains. You will also be able to see the mountains, located on the opposite side of the Bay on the Dalmatian coast.

On the other side offers a panorama of yourself. Here you can see both the old and new part of the city. The top is particularly noticeable that the streets of the Old Labin resemble a small labyrinths, and the New Labin spacious streets and higher buildings.

The observation deck of Labin is very popular among tourists and residents, but this is not the only high point from which to explore the area. You can admire the city from a bird's eye view, if you climb the tower of the town's bell tower. From there you can see a neat, like a fairytale building of Labin with light brown tile roofs and bright blue shutters.