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The Church Of STS. Philip and James

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Above the old part of Novi Vinodolski, on a stone cliff, which descends sheer to the sea, rises the 36-meter high bell tower and the Cathedral of saints Philip and Jacob. The old Church until the beginning of XX century, had a bell tower on the roof. Between 1909 and 1911 was built a new bell tower, which stood separate from the Church. Unnecessary old turret was dismantled.

In place of the current high and slender bell tower was formerly the Church of saints Fabian and Sebastian. This Church was built in 1551 on the God the vow. Urban legend has it that the Church was built over 24 hours by local residents who wanted to protect themselves and their loved ones from the epidemic of plague that repeatedly broke out in the region.

Information about the time of the construction of the Church of saints Philip and James have not survived. On the Western facade of the temple bears the date: "1520". It is believed that this year the reconstruction of the Church. Such conclusion is made by historians after exploring the city's archives, which noted that by this time there was already a parish Church. Some scientists believe that the Church was built in the XIV century.

The Cathedral of saints Philip and James, built in the form of a three-aisled Basilica. In its interior preserved wooden carved choirs, built in the XVII century, is a masterpiece of the carvers during the reign of the Croatian aristocrat Fran Krsto Frankopan family, revolted against the Habsburgs. On the altar you can see the wooden Gothic sculpture of the Madonna, Dating from the XVth century. Of the other sacred treasure is worth noting two silver reliquary in the same period.