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The Church Of The Dormition Of The Mother Of God

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Church of the assumption of our lady in Sibenik will be interesting to visit for lovers of the Baroque style, although the construction of the Church began long before the emergence of this direction in art. The construction of the Church began in the XII century and lasted until the XIII century. At first the Church belonged to the Templars then the brotherhood of flagellants.

In 1386, the Church and monastery, located nearby, was transferred to the admirers of St. Clara, and in September 1493 the buildings were handed over to the Benedictine order. Until 1808 the Church was owned by the Benedictine nunnery. In those days the Church was consecrated in honor of the Holy Savior. Subsequently, the Church came into the possession of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It houses a rare collection of ecclesiastical objects and icons of Italo-Cretan origin. The altar of the temple is decorated with many valuable icons.

As a result of fires, the Church was damaged in 1457, and 1651 1723. Its present appearance the Church has made in the XVIII century, it was then built a magnificent Baroque bell tower of Ivan Skok. Thanks to this renovation the Church was a unique building of its kind on the Adriatic coast.