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Ilica - the name of the main street of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The Ilica is a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants, and cultural centers. On this street in the Croatian capital property is considered to be the most expensive.

Ilica is located in the Lower town of Zagreb. The length of this street, approximately 6.4 kilometers, making it the third longest in Zagreb. Ilica passes through the Western part of the capital from West to East. In the beginning there is a square of ban Jelacic, then it passes through Chrnomorets and ends the Bologna Boulevard.

Earlier Ilica called Loncarski expensive (in Croatian it means "Potter's path"). The modern name of the street was given in honor of the Creek Ilica, near which lived the master potters. On the banks of the Creek was mined the clay from which pottery is made. Near the Church of St. Margareta, located on the edge of Ilica, in the middle ages was located in the center of the Lower city.

For the first time the name "Ilica" in a written source is found in 1431. Its modern appearance, the street has gained by the late 18th century. From 1956 to 1959 on the Ilica (jelačić square) was built first high-rise building in Zagreb. This 16-story structure was renovated in 2007.

Today Ilica is a commercial and business center of the Croatian capital. There are banks, offices, shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars and cafes.