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Korcula old town

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Old town - the historic centre of korčula, it is located in the North of the island. The city was built as a fortress to defend the Peninsula, in addition, at all times, it functioned as the administrative and religious center of the island. Also a number of features that makes it very important from a historical point of view.

The town was first mentioned in the 10th century, but the exact time of its founding until now is not defined. At various times, the owners of the city were Venetians and Croatian-Hungarian kings, all this affected the culture of the city and, of course, on its appearance. The best examples of architecture of the Old town was built in the 15-16 centuries in typical for those times the Renaissance style. In the center of almost every house is decorated with emblems of the city. Such reverent attitude to architecture is explained by the fact that, along with shipbuilding, stone carvings was the main occupation of the inhabitants of medieval Korcula. It is not surprising that already in the 15th century on korčula spoken of as a “pearl of architectural art”, and in the 17th century one of the Croatian poets called Korcula “ornament of the world”.

Interestingly, according to the idea of the first architects, the overall composition of the city was supposed to resemble the shape of a fish skeleton. According to this urban idea and built houses, alleys, palaces and churches. Also this idea correspond to the elements of architectural decoration, door frames, window sills, balconies, cornices, facades, etc.

During the Second world war, the Old city miraculously survived, although it is on his site then housed Italian and German forces, and heavy fighting took place. The invaders were driven from the island in 1943 by local partisans.

Currently, the historic centre of korčula universally recognized architectural masterpiece and receives tourists from all over the world.