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Technical Museum of Zagreb

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Technical Museum of Zagreb is a large Museum complex devoted to science and technology. For the first time about creation of such a Museum began in the late 19th century, but only by 1954, the idea began to be realized when the decision to start construction was made final.

Since 1959, the Zagreb technical Museum is located at its present location on street of Sheba. The initial role of the exhibition pavilions was performed in a wooden building, erected by the Zagreb fair in 1948. These buildings today are in the Museum, and they periodically hold various social events. The architect of the modern Technical Museum in Zagreb is Emil Visits.

Bozho, Teak, the former at the time of the founding of the Museum and University Professor, considered the founder of the Zagreb technical Museum. He first headed the Board of the Museum. Predrag Grdinic first Director of the Technical Museum of Zagreb.

Some of the many exhibits of the Technical Museum of Zagreb is presented in the permanent exhibition, and the part is carefully preserved in the vaults. Today in the Zagreb technical Museum has collected more than five thousand various exhibits representing various scientific and technical inventions and technologies. It all started in 1963 with the base of the section devoted to the transformation of energy, transport and mining tools. The following year was founded a Department dedicated to oil-industry. The next year, a planetarium and a Department of Astronautics. Showroom-office representing the activities of Nikola Tesla, appeared in the Museum in 1976. Since 1981 works for the agricultural Department. Last, in 1992, founded a Department devoted to fire safety. A year later, was opened alley with sculptures of Croatian scientists who have made significant contributions to the development of technology.

Since 1994, we expanded some of the departments. For example, in the Department of agriculture has created apiarium, that is, scientific apiary. And in the Department of energy transformation in 1999 with a collection of devices that produce thermal energy. 2006 and was renovated showroom-Cabinet of Nikola Tesla.