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The parish Church of St. Anselm was built in the 7th century. It was destroyed by king Zvonimir in 1070, and then repeatedly restored in 1528, 1673 (after the withdrawal of the Turkish troops), and in 1892.

The main altar in the Church is done in Baroque style. He was consecrated Archbishop of the Wiki Seevice in 1745. One of the side chapels of SV. Marcela - also called the chapel of the Mother of God and built in the 15th century. Inside the chapel is a statue of the virgin. Wooden figure of the virgin Mary executed in full growth. The virgin Mary holding a baby. Heads of the virgin and infant crowned with Golden crowns. In the chapel you can also see the gravestone of the Bishop of NIN - George Divnich.

The image of the Mother of God with the baby were especially venerated in the town of NIN. The feast of our lady is celebrated on the Monday before Ascension. On this day many pilgrims from neighboring parishes, Zadar and other cities.

The bell tower of the parish Church of St. Anselm is located to the West of the Church, and is considered a separate building of hewn stone. It is very high, the dome is made in the shape of a pyramid. The bell tower built in Romanesque style and consists of four floors. It is believed that it was built in the 13th century. Almost thirty years ago was made a large work on the restoration of the bell tower.

Now the walls of the Church there is the largest collection of antique jewelry art and Church utensils.